We are specialists in supplying high & medium voltage accessories to the utilities & rail industries. We also provide high performance underwater connectors to the subsea sector.

Reliable, even in the harshest environments

Arguably the harshest environment for underwater pluggable electrical connectors is the exposed equipment used on ocean navigation buoys. For nearly 50 years, Groove connectors have delivered unrivalled reliability and exemplary performance.


Making the right connections

Power cable distribution can be a real challenge for the solar and wind farm markets. Groove solves the issues of complex cable distribution and routing with a cost-effective, compact 33kV XLPE 9 way tee-off joint.


Groove: UVDB empowered by Achilles

Groove has been a member of the Achilles supplier community for a decade - our customers are safe in the knowledge our products meet the standards required by their industry.

What our customers say

It’s hard to believe but we have been a customer of Groove for over 20 years, and they’ve always been at the top of our suppliers' list. Their products are excellent, their prices keen, their stock levels are superb and the knowledge and service of the staff are exemplary.  What more can I say, other than I hope to have many more years trading with Groove Associates. Peter Greig, Director, Greco

Customer Focus: UK and European Utilities

When the ageing oil 33kV cable network throughout UK and European cities requires repairs or diversion, the Groove CTM11 oil to XLPE transition joint is a preferred solution. The joint is in demand because of its compact size, which reduces civil work requirements, its speed of assembly, competitive price and rapid delivery. Groove can also supply oil feed cable, available from stock.

Customer Focus: Underwater equipment

Our customers depend on Groove underwater pluggable electrical connectors to protect expensive equipment and once-in-a-lifetime photographic footage, while significantly reducing maintenance and in-service repairs. Selected for reliability and quality, Groove has supplied connectors for underwater lights, cameras, vehicles, ROVs and navigation buoys for nearly 50 years.

Customer Focus: Railtrack

The Groove CTM11 joint plays a key part in passenger safety on the UK railway network. Network Rail specifies this joint for its high reliability, compact size and cost-efficiency. It uses the joint for railway signalling system upgrades or re-routing involving 33KV oil 3 core power cable. Groove has been supplying the transition joint for nearly 30 years’ without any failures.

Customer Focus: Infrastructure contractors

Infrastructure contractors in the UK and Europe rely on Groove to respond to their urgent requirements for high and medium voltage cable accessories. Our products are competitively priced, and their compact designs greatly reduce civil works requirements which is a real benefit in cities and built up areas. We keep an extensive range in stock for rapid European delivery.

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