Underwater pluggable connectors for the harshest of environments

Groove has been supplying underwater connectors for harsh environments for nearly 50 years. We offer the highest quality, most reliable subsea connectors available today. To meet our customers’ requirement for urgent product availability, Groove maintains an extensive connector stock for next day European delivery.

Groove supplies two electrical ratings of subsea cable connectors, and both are available in standard and B series (the B series feature an extended body for difficult mating situations): 230V/15A standard, 230V/15A B series, 115V/6.5A standard and 115V/6.5A B series.

Groove also supplies the corresponding subsea bulkhead connectors: 230V/15A standard, 230V/15A B series, 115V/6.5A standard and 115V/6.5A B series.

All connector contacts are manufactured from beryllium copper.

Locking sleeves are available for some standard series connectors and for all B series connectors, for more information please take a look at the product matrix.

The connector design principles have also been incorporated into an underwater magnetic switch operated by a remote magnet.

Dummy connector plugs are available across the entire range in order to protect connector contacts.

Applications for underwater connectors for harsh environments include diver communications, navigation buoys, subsea camera equipment and ROVs. The connectors are equally suited to shallow and deep water use.

The subsea connectors use a proven water expulsion mating process achieving ratings of up to 20,000 psi for cable connectors and up to 10,000 psi for bulkhead connectors. Electrical power must be off before connecting or separating any of these products.

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