33kV oil cable jointing

Throughout Europe, the Utilities power cable network has considerable quantities of 33KV oil cable which is no longer manufactured or supported. As a result, cable repairs or re-routing invariably requires transition jointing between the oil cable and modern XLPE cable. This requirement often occurs within cities or built up areas where space is at a premium and large civil works are either very difficult or even not possible.

Renewable energy

The 33kV 9 way joint is used throughout the utilities industry, and is also being deployed in the expanding solar and wind farm markets. It offers a very cost effective, compact and quick means of connecting nine 33KV XLPE or EPR cable cores for cable diversions or tee-offs. The joint.

Railway signalling jointing

The CTM11 oil transition joint is the established and approved joint used for the extensive railway signalling oil cable network. The joint has been used by Network Rail for nearly 30 years with an exemplary performance record. It is frequently supplied with a GRP coffin for additional security and protection.

Oil and gas cable

Major construction companies, contractors and Utilities and railway organisations use Groove range of oil and gas cables. The cable supplies oil or gas to the joint, and it is significantly easier and clear to terminate and handle than the old established bitumen filled cable, and is a lower cost solution.

Gas cable jointing

The 33kV gas joint allows connection of three core gas cable to three XLPE cores in a compact housing. The joint is used on Utility networks for cable diversions or re-routing and is supplied with a GRP coffin for direct burial after filling with a re-enterable compound.

Circuit protection – oil refinery

The CLiP provides rapid protection for systems rated to 38KV with continuous current ratings of up to 5000A. The system is typically used to protect switchgear in plants such as oil refineries and mining.