Underwater pluggable cable connectors: 115V/6.5A, 18AWG, standard series

Designed for environments that require a 115V connection, this series of rubber moulded underwater electrical connectors is available with 2, 4, 6 or 8 contacts and a maximum pressure rating of 20,000 psi. The connectors have 18 AWG conductors and are supplied with SO neoprene cables.


We stock the range of corresponding 115 volt/6.5 Amp rated bulkheads. The 2 6.5MC connector is compatible with the 2 6.5MS magnetic switch.

The unique design of the underwater electrical connector allows water to be expelled through a vent hole when connectors are mated. A wiping action of the male pin ensures electrical connections are made in a dry environment. This means the connectors can be plugged or un-plugged (in de-energised conditions) in almost any environment, at almost any depth. These are the only true diver-mate underwater electrical connectors available. They are equally suited to shallow and deep water applications.

For situations where mated connectors may be under mechanical stress, optional locking sleeves are available to maintain good electrical contact for many but not all connectors – see product matrix. For standard series connectors, the LS series locking sleeve must be fitted to the cable prior to installation.

The underwater electrical connectors use a proven water expulsion mating process achieving ratings of up to 20,000 psi. Electrical power must be off before connecting or separating any of these products.

Our underwater electrical connectors are used around the world by subsea, marine and harsh environment organisations. The underwater electrical connectors feature on equipment from navigation buoys to underwater lights.

Groove has been supplying underwater connectors for nearly 50 years. Please contact one of our experts if you have any questions on our connector ranges.

All dimensions are nominal.