33kV 3-Core Gas to Three Single Core XLPE Transition Joint

The TJNT-33 is a 33kV 3-core gas to three single core XLPE transition joint, and is used to join gas insulated cable to extruded dielectric cable on cable repairs or planned cable re-routing of the power Utilities network.

The joint complies with IEC requirements.

The joint offers quick assembly times and its compact size reduces civil works requirements – this is a significant advantage, particularly in congested cities and sites.

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  • Cost-effective
  • Compact joint size requires reduced civil works
  • Re-enterable direct-buried GRP coffin

Key Features

  • Range taking ability: Gas: 240-500 mm² XLPE: 240-630 mm²
  • Three fully shielded tape stress relief cones on gas insulated cable side
  • Uses standard Pfisterer size 2 or 3 XLPE connectors
    • Can accommodate copper or aluminium conductors
  • Main stainless steel body (1.1m length)
  • Pressure tested to 400psi

The optional direct-buried GRP coffin, which can be supplied with a re-enterable filling compound, offers additional protection, security and flexibility.

Joint assembly instructions can be downloaded below. Groove offers a full joint assembly service and can also provide jointer product familiarisation.