Navigation buoys

Harsh marine environments require electrical connectors of the highest quality and reliability. Groove’s connectors are the established harsh environment connector specified by Trinity Lighthouse and are used on all navigation buoys around the UK.


The rugged design of the Groove underwater electrical connectors mean they have been a connector of choice for plough manufacturers for nearly fifty years. Their exceptional ability to withstand vibrations and the harsh marine environment is second to none.


Deep water applications with a variety of electrical contacts and ratings supplied on various cable lengths. For more than 20 years, Groove has been supplying connectors and bulkheads to all UK manufacturers of ROVs, ploughs and subsea vehicles.

Underwater cameras

Underwater camera manufacturers demand connectors that are very flexible and provide extremely reliable underwater electrical connections. Groove’s connectors are used on cameras on ROVs and subsea vehicles, and are also used on underwater diver operated cameras used for applications such as inspection and wildlife photography.

Diving equipment

Subsea electrical connectors which are robust enough to be mated underwater by divers. Groove supplies a range of more robust connectors that allow easier diver mating particularly where gloves are being used.