33kv Oil to Oil Stop Joint with XLPE Tee-Offs: CTM9

The CTM9 joint provides a cost-effective and efficient method of connecting two separate three core oil filled cables, acting as a stop joint and providing three single XLPE tee-offs with separable elbows. This unique product is used by Utility companies for maintenance of the 33kV oil cable infrastructure.

The joint offers quick assembly times and its compact size reduces civil works requirements – this is a significant advantage, particularly in congested cities and sites.

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  • Exemplary in-service history
  • Cost-effective
  • Unique product
  • Reduced joint bay space requires reduced civil works

Key Features

  • Range taking ability:
    • Three core oil: 34-507, extendable to 630 mm²
    • Single core XLPE: 95-630 mm²
  • Separable connector XLPE elbows
    • Elbows can accommodate copper or aluminium conductors