Current Limiting Protector: CLiP and CLiP (LV)

With ever-increasing demand on electrical power distribution networks, fault currents pose a real threat to electrical equipment and personnel. The CLiP range comprises medium and low voltage models. They are unique overcurrent protection devices that interrupt potentially damaging fault current before the first cycle peak, which will significantly limit equipment damage, repair and maintenance. The

The CLiP is a cost-effective, single shot, high continuous current, medium voltage current limiter for indoor and outdoor usage rated to 38kV. The CLiP (LV) is a compact, lower voltage version rated at 750V.

The CLiP has been used throughout the world for nearly 30 years with exemplary service in applications such as refineries, generating stations, shipboard, hospitals, industrial plans, oil platforms and FPSOs, universities and the mining industry.

Both CLiP models offer single and three phase protection, with no need to replace components on phases not fault affected.

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  • Cost-effective
  • Arc Flash and Arc Blast Reduction
  • Network protection
  • Permits the use of lower rated gear
  • SCADA adaptable
  • Easy to install, commission and maintain

Technical features

  • Available in three phase units for voltages from 2.8kV to 38kV
  • Factory set triggering up to 12kA rms symmetrical
  • Rated up to 38kV with a low voltage unit rated at 750V. Both units have a continuous rating of up to 4000A. (6000A available in late 2016)
  • Trip levels are rated at 42kA


  • CLiP technical specification pdf
  • CLiP (LV) technical specification pdf
  • CLiP (LV) catalogue pdf
  • How it works video