33kV 9 Way XLPE Tee-Off Joint

The 33kV 9 Way Joint is a compact and cost-effective solution to cable routing and connection issues. It provides a simple and efficient method of tee-ing XLPE cables reducing the requirement for expensive cable overlays. Range-taking elbows provides the ability to use different cable sizes between different power phases. The joint is used by UK and European utilities companies for cable diversion work, particularly where flexibility and available space are critical. It has recently become popular on solar and wind farms where its size, ease of assembly and cost make it an obvious choice for cable routing.

The joint has been designed to offer fast assembly times without the need for specialised tooling, and this has been achieved with minimal, but high reliability, components.


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  • Cost-effective
  • Simple, fast assembly
  • Unique product at 33kV
  • Compact size requires reduced civil works
  • Surface-mount or re-enterable direct-buried GRP coffin

Key Features

  • Separable elbows range taking ability: 95-630 mm²
    • Elbows can accommodate copper or aluminium conductors
  • Accommodates different cable sizes between power phases
  • Meets IEEE 386 specification

The optional direct-buried GRP coffin, which can be supplied with a re-enterable filling compound, offers additional protection, security and flexibility.

All components are available in stock for rapid delivery.

Groove can provide training if necessary, but most trained jointers would be competent without additional training.

Please note that this joint is not supplied with earthing components for cable screens