Magnetic Switch

Magnetically activated underwater pluggable switch 2 6.5MS

The 2 6.5MS magnetic switch is neoprene moulded to a brass ‘O’ ring sealed mounting stud. As with all our products, it can be plugged and unplugged underwater with electrical power de-energised. The switch is operated by remote magnet.

Electrical specifications

Amperes (max): 0.5 Amp
Contact Rating: 10 W DC, 0.5 Amp
Contact Resistance: 0.100 Ohm
Insulation Resistance (min): 100 Megohm
Voltage (max): 200 VDC
Actuating Time: 1 Millisecond
Contact Bounce: 1 Millisecond
Actuating Rate: Depending on drive, can follow up to 400 cycles per second

Operational specifications

Depth Rating: 5000 PSI
Temperature Rating: -20° to +60° C
Shock Rating: IEC 68-2-27 Test Ea
Vibration Rating: IEC 68-2-6 Test Fc

Typical actuation using Alinco 5 Magnet ¼” O.D. X ¾” long

The switch is compatible with the 115 Volt/6.5 AMP cable connector 2 6.5MC

Typical applications include water current meters and valve position indicators.

Electrical power must be off before connecting or separating any of these products.

All dimensions are nominal.