Underwater electrical connectors used in navigation buoys

Groove’s range of underwater electrical connectors are used in navigation buoys and beacons around the coast of the UK to enable thousands of ships and mariners to navigate safely around the UK’s very busy waters, including the world’s busiest shipping lane.

In this extremely harsh environment, safety is critical and the Groove underwater electrical connectors has an excellent service history – having been used for more than 30 years. Our rugged underwater connectors are the only true wet pluggable connectors – and the only low voltage connectors which can be mated and unmated underwater.

The connectors are used in telemetry, GPS and LED lights. Trinity House uses data collected from the navigation buoys to collect lighthouse dues for shipping around England and Wales. The Groove underwater electrical connectors are helping to guide shipping through the UK waters – they’re playing a role in helping British exports to reach other parts of the world and ensuring goods reach our high streets.

Our electrical connector customers include companies such as Commissioner of Irish Lights, Northern Lighthouse Board and Trinity House.